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there are a few ways to tank walls to stop damp or water entering your property


  tanking slurry


going by trade names such as thoroseal ,ka tanking slurry ,vandex


slurry is applied to a render coat (2 coats) and another base coat appied (possibly 2)

we use limelite renovating plaster backing coat which is lightweight and also contains salt inhibitor and water proofing agents ,the render is also breathable   ,limelite finish coat ,  painting with breathable paint reccomended




 damp proof membrane  also know as structural waterproofing


there are a few ways to use the plastic membranes ...these can be fixed to the wall with plastic plugs ....battens fixed to plugs insulation and plasterboard fixed to battens


you could dab boards to membrane instead


or plaster direct to membrane



you may also need a sump and pump to remove the diverted water from a basement

i would be happy to come and make a site visit to discuss the options


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